tuesday morning thoughts


thank you, brittany and lily, for the super cute recycled t-shit crochet animal mask.
marlo loves it! she particularly loves it when i wear it, too!
i'm a self-described health nut and i eat very clean ninety percent of the time. (hey, organic wine counts. am i right? or am i right? right.) however, you put a bowl of kraft mac and cheese, a bag of kettle jalapeƱo potato chips, or french fries in front of me, you will become an unfortunately unlucky witness to some extremely unattractive grunts, shoveling of food into mouth, and an overall lack of self-control.

ever since i got pregnant, i've refused to wear deodorant because i'm convinced that it causes cancer. and before you go and get all oh my gosh, that's so gross on me, i've never been accused of stinking. ever. everyone could be lying to me, though.

i buy organic fruits and veggies, not because of the health benefits, but, rather, because i don't feel the need to wash them before i eat them because none of that evil pesticide shit is on them. my logic is probably a little off. i'm fine with it.

i believe that kids who eat their boogers are overall healthier kids. i ate my boogers as a kid and i never get sick. so. there. theory proven.

i hate the following words: moist, creamy, derb, and nom. can we please work on finding alternatives for these cringe-worthy words? they give me chills.
you know those girls that are, like, 27 and still talk in a weird, creepy, baby voice to men? why? whyyyy? why. do. you. talk. like. that?

i want to shake people who talk about their dogs like they are actual children or who compare having a dog to having a child. last time i checked, you didn't rub your kids nose in their poop when they take a dump on the floor. last time i checked, you aren't able to just leave your kid at home so that you can go have six pints of beer because you've had a rough day. last time i checked, dogs don't talk back and tell you 'no' four hundred and seven times a day. have a child and then let's talk about it.

i don't care what kate middleton is wearing. or how small her waist is after having a baby. why does everyone seem to care so much? are that many adult women still obsessed with the idea of being a princess? stop it.

i only buy marlo items of clothing that resemble something hanging in my closet. i honestly can't think of a kid who has as much black and grey hanging in their closet as marlo does. also, i may or may not have bought little miss modine a pair of skinny black ponte riding pants with black leather leg detail. i'm totally the mom whom i feared becoming. but come, on... leather leggings? i just had to.

i asked my mom for a dewalt drill kit for christmas. i have no idea who i've become recently.

oh, yeah. my mother. (love you, ace.)

**i also just wanted to say thank you to all of the mamas who reached out to me via comments, emails, and texts, after my post on sunday morning. i cried after reading your comments because i felt so much less alone and guilty. it put so much into perspective for me and i'm taking all of your advice to heart. and so far, this week has been so much better. then again, it's only tuesday. so we'll see... xoxo and love to all.



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