adam & tennille


adam, you're the guy that follows your heart and sees your passions into reality. not everyone is that brave and i'm incredibly proud of you. you love deeply, think intensely, and are so strong in your beliefs. more importantly, you don't just believe in things, rather, you live it and share it by setting an example. you give your time and you care enough to not only listen to someone, but to actually hear them. you are of the few in this world who actually walk the walk. i love that you are my brother.

tennille, your laugh and smile are so contagious. adam- and everyone who meets you- can vouch that you have a habit of brightening every room you walk into. you are warm, open, and you make people comfortable. i admire your creativity and your ability to bring ideas to life. i think that you are going to make an amazing wife and life-long friend. adam is a lucky, lucky man and i feel lucky to call you my sister.

you two are so full of love, honesty, and it's obvious how much respect you both have for one another. it's inspiring and lovely to watch and i'm so grateful to be here in california sharing in this beautiful day with you.

we love you to the moon and back.



ss said...

this is so sweet! people in love is the best thing ever.


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