taking stock | 01


trying: to live life more simply, to save more. failing miserably. trying again and harder. 
cooking: nothing this week because i'm on vacation. missing my kitchen.
drinking: too much coffee. too much wine. not enough water or green juice.

 this article and paying particular attention to number two & number six. 
 to go on a trip with just me and joe. as in, the honeymoon that we have yet to have.
 forward to going home. i miss my man and marlo misses her dad. 
 'where's marlo' four hundred and seven times a day.
wasting: time worrying about
 things that i can't change.
 on an ink blue or lagoon colored sofa. big decisions.
 i never have to drive ever again. sitting in traffic is physically painful and nyc has spoiled me.
 marlo’s endless curiosity. she's at such a fun age.
 katy perry's newest song, 'roar.' i know. i know. 
 why miley cyrus keeps sticking her tongue out. 
loving: how sweet marlo is with babies. she just can't get enough. 

 a new tattoo when we travel to the west coast in november. sorry, mom.
watching: the blacklist (new and amazing). scandal. revenge. absolutely obsessed with all three. 
 that november isn't going to be as insane as it looks in our calendar. cray-zee.
needing: this warm weather to just stop. just. stop.
 my hair. day four hair, anyone?
 all black. shocking, i know.
 this lady's blog because she makes me laugh so damn hard. she also has really cute dawgs.
 that marlo has an aversion to sitting still. like, ever.
 that ink blue is the way to go.
this lady's DIY abilities. one day. but, for now, an ikea hack will have to do. 
 a lucite console table and a new rug for the entry way.
 anxious when i think about all of the things that i have to do when we get back to nyc.
opening: a jar of pickles for marlo to eat. that child could eat her weight in sour pickles.

feeling: content. satisfied. inspired.

linking up with pip.
i'm loving her idea so much that i've decided to make it a monthly thingamajig. 
i'd love it if you joined in and linked up, too. 


CBoonePennell said...
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belle said...

I love this! Gaby and I are contemplating new tattoos too.. maybe for our anniversary in December.. (I know that's cheesy but I really want to!)

Also, to satisfy Marlo's baby and pickle obsessions, how about we meet up for some street pickles when you get back?

Katy said...

Your blog is so great! I'm taking my husband to ny for his birthday in May and our son will be almost 1, obviously coming with us so it will be a different way to experience the city!

meetmeatmikes said...

I love the name Marlo! THAT GIRL!
I love Katy Perry! I KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!
xx Tia


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