scenes from an epic weekend


this weekend. 

let's just say that it was one for the books. 

long story short, we've been pretty set on moving to brooklyn (well, i have) since we were still in charlotte. however, due to some little storm named sandy and only having thirty-six hours to find a place to live two weeks before we were set to move, our main requirements were convenience to joe's office and school and immediate availability. and, luckily, we found just that. and it's been pretty good to us. i particularly like my convection oven and full-sized dishwasher.

but after living in our apartment for almost a year now, i can't honestly say that it's ever felt like home.  this neighborhood- murray hill slash midtown east- just isn't the new york i pictured in my head for so many years. and maybe i had a slanted version of new york city in my head, one that had been greatly tainted by the unrealistic beauty that woody allen films and sex and the city portrayed. however, it doesn't change the fact that i was really beginning to hate manhattan and i was even starting to doubt whether new york was for me or my family. 

but, then the fadels met DUMBO. 

and, DUMBO, my sweet friends, is a game-changer. 

a very big, very major game-changer.

we've stepped off of that same C train and onto those unbelievably beautiful cobblestone streets a few times in the past- most typically in search of grimaldi's unbelievable pizza. we've ventured down to the water front and the grassy knoll where marlo would freely run about without us worrying about her running into the street and oncoming taxis, where a vintage carousel spins slowly around and the same man makes balloon animals for kids every weekend. we've strolled leisurely into that same charming french coffee shop for a bold roast and a few pistachio macarons. we've passed that same children's book store, where vintage church pews fill with little babes and their parents listening to an animated woman telling a magical story. we've hurried by that same west elm market so that i wouldn't have a chance to go in and buy something unnecessary.

but this saturday, as we made our usual rounds, we also ventured up into an old warehouse on the water that has recently been renovated into beautiful apartments. we were shown a particular unit that was small, of course, but beautiful, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with wooden beams on the ceiling and subway tile in the bathroom. and would you believe it, the place even had a garbage disposal. and no sacrifices have to be made in the kitchen.

we signed on the dotted line that very minute and in a little over a month, DUMBO will be our home. 

and, just like that, i fell in love with new york. i fell in love with new york the way that i always hoped i would, the way that i always new was capable. i fell in love with our family being in that magical little corner of brooklyn. i fell in love with the amazing apartment that we will raise our daughter in for a few years. i even fell in love with the view of manhattan outside our front door. 

and i'd just like to say thank you to everyone who keeps up with our adventures and our family. thank you for always being so supportive and helping me keep things in perspective. the past year or so has had some pretty major ups and downs and i can't tell you how much it means to me to receive so many emails, that are not only supportive, but that make me feel so connected, especially during a period that at times has felt so incredibly lonely.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

christine, joe, & marlo



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