five things | the lessons i've learned this week


just to sum up our week
1. incoming teeth are assholes. i know that i should know this by now, but it still always takes me by surprise.

2. sometimes, a horrible day that ends in homemade pizza, a dance party with my kid, a glass (or two- okay, or three) of red wine, a 'luminizing' face mask that did nothing to 'luminize' my skin, and a scalding hot shower, really isn't such a horrible day.

3. nyc is capable of thunderstorms that remind me of home and we got two of them yesterday. TWO! both were amazing and just what i needed.

4. no electronic device is safe in the hands of one marlo mclean. she now knows how to delete pictures, comments, contacts, and entire apps on my almost defunct iphone. note to self: don't leave your phone unlocked around mo. although, yesterday, after ten failed attempts at unlocking my phone, she disabled it for thirty minutes.

5. life is all about balance and parenthood is no greater testament. this week, a great new hat arrived to my door. it makes me look like crocodile dundee but it's really fabulous and served as a great materialistic pick me up for a shitty couple of days. that was until i was checking myself out in said new floppy hat and after a couple of minutes, i found it oddly quiet. then i heard a few long grunts in succession from the butter bean. she was pooping, this i knew. no biggie. par for the course, you know. so, i stopped admiring my new greasy hair cover to go change her diaper and when i found her in the kitchen, i also found that she'd left me a little surprise: she'd somehow gotten out of her diaper and taken said huge dump on the kitchen floor.

happy friday, friends. hope you enjoy your weekend!



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