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for a change from my normal pace of bitch-slapping the most annoying of annoying people (i.e. justin bieber's newest accessory, his upper-lip pubes), i thought it'd be positive for a change. so here are some people that i think deserve a big ole' pat on the back.

1. emily blunt and john krasinski for procreating. she is just the loveliest of things, isn't she? i imagine that if i had them over for supper, they'd show up in coordinating plaid shirts and they'd bring a hostess gift because that's just what really lovely couples do, isn't it? they bring hostess gifts, they finish each others sentences, they have witty back-and-forth banter, and they say things like, 'oh gosh!'

2. author e.l. james and director sam taylor-wood for casting charlie hunnam as christian grey. i wasn't a twi-hard because kristen stewart registers on my love-meter about as high as abusing puppies or eating crickets. but fifty shades of grey with a hot ass british man? a hot ass british man naked all of the time at that? yes. i can very well stand behind that. or at least be in line for the first midnight showing next year.

3. apple for impeccable timing of the debut of their newest iphone. my iphone 4 is about to bite the dust and that white and gold little beauty has my name all over it.

4. trader joe's. they have a new cold brew coffee and it is amazing. and, more importantly, it's almost three dollars cheaper than the cold-brew that i normally buy. w-i-n-n-i-n-g.

5. marlo. she learned three new words this week. (fyi. my child is a genius.) she now says maaMAM, daDAA, burrrd (bird), duuuug (dog), bayBEEEE, boop, and muwaaahhh. 'boop' is a little game we play when we touch our nose with our finger and it makes a 'boop' sound. joe does it to me when i'm mad at him because it distracts me and always makes me laugh. i've adopted that same tactic and used it on mo this week when she's been fussy. the joke, however, is on me because every time i try to get her to do something or to take a bit of food, she hits me in the nose and says 'BOOOP' and i laugh and completely forget what i was trying to convince her to do. we've maybe done it about 492 times today.



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