five things i never thought i'd do


1. i never thought that i'd try to convince my husband that we legitimately need a $650 dollar stroller. you guys. a. six. hundred. and. fifty. dollar. stroller. i make myself want to throw up. but seriously though. we do need a better stroller. palm smack to forehead.

2. i never thought that i'd become the woman who angrily screams at cab drivers as we're trying to cross the street. but this morning, i embraced that woman. and i also slapped the cab hood for good measure. 'ey! cantchu see wer walkin' 'ere!'

3. i never thought that i'd become the person who throws back spirulina and chlorophyll shots instead of tequila. but, yep. that's now me.

4. i never thought that i'd be the person who gets so easily excited over a good deal on a new coffee maker. you see, it usually takes something that either hangs in my closet or gets folded into a drawer to excite me. but, sadly, i'm at a stage in my life where things like 12-cup stainless steel programmable coffee makers that regularly cost $165, yet i got it for $80, really excite me. i think this stage is what some would refer to as adulthood. le sigh.

5. i never thought i'd only buy things for my kid to wear that i can not only picture myself wearing, but actually already own. yesterday afternoon, as a package of fall clothes arrived for marlo, i realized that i have become that mom. so, when you see me and a pint-sized version of me, walking down lexington avenue with our $650 stroller, both in our black skinny jeans, chambray blouses, and high-top chuck taylor's, you can bet that i'll be trying to kick my own ass, too.


Amber said...

I can totally relate to this. I am trying to convince my husband that my desire for a new stroller is equivalent to his desire for a new guitar. Both completely necessary. Ha! ;)


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