a good storm


with the exception of a small collection of the people in it, i don't miss much about the south. 

but today, as a light soupy mist covers this city of mine that i now call home, i find myself yearning for a thunderstorm that only a hot summer afternoon in the south can produce.  

i miss that black blanket of clouds, the blinding lightning striking in the distance, and the subsequent rolling thunder that rattles the walls. 

i miss lazily laying under a thin white comforter and watching the storm take over from the bed. 

i miss falling asleep to the sound of violent rain crashing into the window pane.

i miss seeing that first little ray of sunlight that follows a good storm, peaking through a bit, just to remind you that it's there. 


David said...

There's a lot to miss in the South...and the North...


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