five things | the little things


1. i love your endless curiosity. watching you explore, discover, and study everything around you is fascinating to me.

2. just like your dad did when he was little (and still does), when you hug us, you lightly pat our backs as you snuggle under our necks. it's the sweetest thing. it's almost as if you're reassuring us that you're good.

3. as evidenced from the top right picture, your expressiveness knows no bounds. you pull these faces out of nowhere and they make me laugh so hard. not to mention, they're so damn cute. every person that meets you comments on how big your personality is. i think it's what i'm most proud of- you don't hold back. and you never should.

4. lately, you've been wanting to just walk run around on your own, as far ahead of me as i'll let you go. but every minute or so, you pause to look back to me, just to make sure that i'm still there with you. i respect your independent spirit, but i also cherish when you make it obvious that you still want me there by your side. or, rather, thirty feet behind you.

5. the little bit of baby that you still had in you is quickly fading, being replaced by this beautiful little girl that wants to hold my hand and lead me to where she wants to go; you're becoming this little girl with opinions and questions and all sorts of loveliness to share. you're becoming this little girl with the best sense of humor and who makes even the simplest things funny. you're becoming this little girl whom i can't wait to know better.



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