young, awkward, and weird


i read emily's post this morning and it reminded me of the girl i once was and the kinds of things that made me so (un)delightfully weird.

i think you'll agree... or not.

1. i had a mullet from ages two to seven. my mother argues that i insisted that it be cut that way. i beg to differ.

2. i also insisted that the hair stylist spike my hair on top and, for some god awful reason, my mother allowed it. apparently i was an advocate of freedom of expression from an early age.

3. i went through a stage where i wore boxers under my jinkos. yes. jinkos. i can't even...

4. when i was a teenager, my hair changed color almost every month. i was like the horse in the wizard of oz. i never did anything crazy, although i did do some dark blue streaks once that were super fun. now i have major anxiety coloring my hair. so i don't.

5. i hated my tiny bit of freckles but now wish i was covered in them. i actually envy any girl that has them. ahem, heather.

6. my nickname in fifth grade was g.i. jane. probably because i broke this poor kid's thumb for attempting to touch my butt. that poor kid was also my 'boyfriend.' we almost got sued over that, too. sorry, mom.

7. one of my best girlfriends would come over my house after high school and we would eat these disgusting frozen blue- yes, blue- french fries and dip them in mayonnaise. if that doesn't make you vomit in your mouth a bit...

8. i used to like mariah carey.

9. i hated chocolate milk. still do. i know, april. i know.

10. i was the spelling bee champion of my school when i was in the fourth grade. i even beat sixth graders to win the coveted title. (this was when sixth grade was still in elementary school.) nerd alert!

coolest. kid. ever.


April said...

I can't believe you dont like chocolate milk. That is blasphamy.

Anni said...

I wanted jinkos so bad but my mom wouldn't get them for me and I had to settle for wide leg jeans from limited too. I did rock them with a no fear t shirt though. I want to see pictures of this mullet! Ha!


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