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julie. oh, julie, julie, julie.

this lady is pretty fantastic. she's a full-time working mama to rio, wife to gus, and just an all around badass. i asked her if she would be my next mama crush | q+a participant, and man, am i glad that i did! read and find out why...

describe yourself in a few words. 
funny, stubborn, balanced.

describe motherhood in a few words.
there are so many words that come to mind but comical, challenging, and frightening pretty much sum up my day to day.

why raise a kid in nyc?
this is cliche, i know, but this city of ours is a melting pot. rio's first three friends were mixed races and nationalities. in a single trip to our neighborhood grocer, he hears at least three different languages.

who or what inspires you as a mother and why?
two of my closest friends are single mothers. that are the two most independent and creative people i know and their children are so well adjusted, independent, and loving. i know how much work it takes me with one child and a husband so i can only imagine how hare they are working at it.

what has surprised you about motherhood?
i'm shocked at how many peole offer advice; some of it great, some of it useless. it just seems that everyone has something to tell me about how to parent.

what's the most unexpected challenge as a mother? particularly as a working mother?
GUILT... it's all consuming. and learning not to judge my husband's parenting.

what's the best piece of advice you've been given about motherhood? the worst?
the best piece of advice i was given was that if your baby is quiet and self-entertained, just let them be. let them have those solitary moments; they don't need constant stimulation. as a working mother, i feel a pull to be as engaging as i can whenever i'm with rio but i needed to learn to let him be. worst advice? i was told to cut his hair- hellllllll no.

what's your favorite thing to do in the city?
head to a park with a blanket and snacks- barefoot exploration drains their energy with endless dirt, flowers, bugs, and sticks to play with. for a family date night, we also love Lobo in brooklyn. best margaritas, most family friendly servers, and the tex-mex food is a babe favorite, as well.

if there's one thing that you want rio to know or to learn from you, what would that one thing be?
to be gentle. he's going to be a big boy, tall and strong, and people will go to him for leadership and protection. i want him to always be gentle with his words, his actions, and other people's hearts.

and now for a few of julie's favorite things...
maclaren triumph (perfect for a quick fold up to jump into the cab or for traveling) | GOSH lip marker in berry (my go-to year round red lip stain. it's cheap, too, so i don't mind losing them.) | ray-ban aviators (my eyes tell the full story of how much sleep i don't get.) | TEXTILE elizabeth and james distressed skinnies (the most flattering, soft, mama-rocker-style denim i have ever slinked my ass into.) | whispering angel rose (i just bought a case for summer.) | vans sk8 hi (perfect with black jeans or a sundress. it's my secret desire to be a SoCal girl. i also collect high-top sneakers!) | RMS living luminizer (every single time i actually remember to apply it, my clients say, 'you're glowing!') | apotheke charcoal soap (my friend started the line and i am obsessed with it. my skin feels completely detoxed after each use.) |



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