in my closet | the classics


if you know me, you know that i live in a seasonably varying uniform. or, wardrobe staples, if you will.

sure, it's very predictable. but you know what? it works for me. and when i'm wearing something that i feel comfortable in, i feel confident. i feel put together. well, as put together as one can be when their hair is a hot ass mess and the circles under their eyes make them look like a crack addict. but who cares about crack addict eyes when when you're wearing skinny jeans and a leather jacket? i sure as shit don't.

so, here are my versions of the classics.
aviators | motorcycle boots | chuck taylors hi-tops | denim skinnies |
black denim skinnies | wear everywhere dress | basic white tee |
leather jacketclutch | cross-body bag | long necklace |


erin said...

i want all of this. still thinking about it.


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