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not my best photo, i know.
but her 'eff you' face is something of real quality.
she's a gangster.
1. it's not quite eight am and marlo has already thrown a tantrum- flailing on the floor and everything!- because i took the swiffer away. the swiffer! are you serious, mo? you're not two. what are you thinking?

2. marlo now realizes that she has very strong opinions about the food that she eats. and for a girl who has really liked, well, everything ever since she was a teeny tyke trying food for the first time... i know that she's bluffing. and i call her on it because that's the kind of mom that i am. homey don't play the short order cook game. that's not how this mama rolls. but you see that face up there? that's her calling my bluff. we won't talk about who won this morning. i blame the swiffer tantrum that completely threw me off of my game.

3. marlo has a few moves in her dance repertoire. they include the diaper booty bounce, the chubby leg stomp, and the tantrum leg flail. all, equally impressive and a sight to behold. hova really get's her going. (ps. i've copy-writed all of these dance moves.)

4. this may be way too information, but, i'm not one to break precedent. so. marlo has recently become obsessed with my boobs. it's like she remembers that deb & bertha used to be her breast friends. (and before you ask, yes, i gave them names. they were feeding a human being, i think at they very least that they deserved names.) anyway, as of late, marlo has taken to sticking her hand down my shirt and pulling my boob out. then, when it's all out in the open, she makes her 'oh-my-goodness-i-just-found-something-i-shouldn't-have-but-i'm-going-to-see-how-long-i-can-get-away-with-it' face. it's weirdly entertaining for me. it probably won't be as entertaining when she does it in public for the first time. whatever. it's just a boob.

5. marlo and her dad are having a weekend to themselves this weekend while i travel to LA for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party. (woot! woot!) i've done the good, sweet mommy thing and told him to not call me unless she's in urgent care and also threatened him within an inch of his life if he feeds her nothing but hungry jack pancakes and boxed macaroni and cheese all weekend. i'm just kidding. they're going to have ridiculous amounts of fun because dada is the fun one. i'm just the mean one who doesn't let either of them eat food from a box. i have a feeling that they are going to be epic rebels this weekend.

happy hump day, folks!

go forth and hump!



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