holy vacation, batman!


for a babe who prefers playing in the dirt over, well, anything,
sand is basically the best thing that she's ever come across.
we're down in south carolina at the beach with family and great friends (and lots of babies!) this week.

and just let me tell you... if anything makes me happy, it's sunshine, good food and wine, great conversation, and justifiable afternoon naps. that's what vacation is all about, am i right? or am i just right?

i've even been getting super crazy and only wearing spf 30 instead of my usual 60. such a rebel, i know.

today is stormy and soupy out so we're taking a break from the ocean. and in all honesty, marlo's stomach could probably use a break from the copious amounts of southern atlantic sand that it's been forced to digest.

happy week of the 4th everyone! i'll be back soon. which, in the case that it keeps storming like it has been, will probably be tomorrow. there are only so many naps one can take with their toddler before their sleep gage is way past full.



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