yesterday was a good day


yesterday was a very good day.

it was hot, soupy, and full of sunshine.

we walked almost seven miles around this concrete city.

while in route, we passed a grimaldi's that i didn't know existed. life changing.

we rode the swings together and shared a granola snack on a park bench.

we had a play date with a sweet boy and his sweet mama at washington square park.

we (the mamas) sat on a blanket on the grass and sipped rose out of paper cups.

we paraded around barefoot in the grass and got our feet embarrassingly dirty.

we ate cupcakes before dinner, which, in my opinion, is the best time to eat a cupcake.

i watched you flirt your way and flutter your eyes into the hearts of strangers. you have a gift.

you gave your new little friend the biggest hugs and then you made him cry. per usual.

you waved a red human rights campaign flag in honor of the defeat of DOMA. i was so proud.

we ventured to rosemary and had too much foccacia and rose. no paper cups unfortunately.

you fell asleep in your stroller so i took the long way home and enjoyed the streets of nyc for just a little longer.

you and i both smiled so much our cheeks hurt.

so, yes. yesterday was a very, very good day.


monkeyandsquirrel said...

man, that sounds pretty darn fantastic all around!

Unknown said...

it was the very best of days. rio and i agree. xo


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