to my little butter bean...


this face,
even when covered in spaghetti,
and making it's crazy expressions,
is my favorite.
thank you for making me a mom.

but, more importantly, thank you for making me YOUR mama.

and to all of the mamas out there,

i hope you enjoy your weekend and are made to feel as special as you are.

this job is so emotionally, physically, and mentally difficult,

but it is my favorite job.

here's to you mamas,

here's to us,

and here's to you, my little butter bean,

i love you so, so very much.

to the moon and back?

and then there and back again?

you know what...

mere words simply can't do my love for you justice.

thank you for opening my heart.

thank you for filling such a large part of it.

thank you, little butter bean.



miss verse said...

Beautiful post, Mama! She is absolutely adorable. Oh, and can I just say that I love your blog? :)

Christine said...

Thank you, mama!! I'm loving keeping up with you and your sweet boys, too!


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