Mama Crush | Q+A with Roni Nuby


girl crushes. we all have them.

and this lady right here is mine.

meet roni nuby, my mama crush. married and mama of three girls: hot husband is les nuby; daughters are ella raine, six years; edie sophia, four years; and little fiona wren, fourteen months.

i was lucky enough to meet her a few months back when she was visiting nyc for work. we had mutual friends through my old job in charlotte. the first thing i noticed was that she had these unfathomably perfect bangs, i'm talking envy-envoking bangs complete with effortless waves (both as exhibited above). she wore an oversized leopard-print jacket and skinny jeans and had this all around 'i don't give a shit' attitude. oh, she was also wearing red lipstick.

i mean, a girl after my own heart!

after a few glasses of red wine and talking to her for an hour- and probably making her undoubtedly uncomfortable with my staring and all- i realized that she was just one of those girls. you know the kind. the cool kind. the kind that you know without a doubt that you could learn a thing or two from. and thankfully for social media, i've been able to stalk her ever since.

recently, i asked her if she'd be willing to do a little q+a here on the blog because she's too good not to share and she said yes. (she actually reads my blog, too. swoon!) so, let's get on with it...

describe motherhood in three words:
difficult, emotional, rewarding

what was the most unexpected challenge of motherhood?
by far it's trying to keep the balance of spending as much time with my kids but also taking the time to do things for myself outside of work. since i travel a lot with work, i have dealt with a lot of mommy-guilt; however, i have realized how important it is to spend quality time alone outside of work.

what was the most unexpected joy of motherhood?
watching my three girls interacting with each other! i didn't have siblings close in age, so i didn't understand the importance of that dynamic, particularly with three girls. they're all very kind to one another and quite protective of each other.

what's the biggest challenge of raising three girls?
the biggest challenge is making sure that i give equal attention to each of them, which has proven even more difficult with a new baby in the house. our work schedules and our house can be so hectic. i work during the day and my husband, a musical engineer and producer, works at his studio most nights. there's a lot of tag-teaming involved, and somedays i get very caught up in the schedule. some nights i have to remind myself to just stop what i'm doing, sit down, and just relax with them.

how do you keep your marriage a priority with three babes needing your attention?
early bedtime for starters!! all three of our kids go to bed at seven pm. my husband and i then have the remainder of the night together with uninterrupted conversation. we do work very hard to put our marriage first because we deeply cherish our friendship. we also take a romantic vacation- sans kids- at least once a year. it really recharges us as a couple and we come back completely refreshed and in love.

how do you balance a full-time job, motherhood, and marriage? what's your secret?
well, this is difficult. i would be fooling myself and everyone else if i said that it was easy. but i try to always leave work at work. once i get home, i'm in total kid chaos until they go to bed. i just power through it and try to embrace the chaos as much as possible. and since they go to bed at an early time, les and i are able to have a relaxing night together. we usually sit out on the front porch, wine in hand, and just talk. i love that time so much.

any advice you'd give to new moms or moms-to-be?
make sure to find time every day- even if it's just thirty minutes- doing something YOU love to do by yourself. i'm a total news freak, so, i get up at 5:15 every morning, make my coffee, and sit and watch the news for 15-30 minutes. it is extremely important that i get up before everyone else in my house and have that time. plus, i really need to drink my first cup of coffee alone and in peace!

has motherhood taught you anything about yourself that you were previously unaware of?
i don't know if i ever realized just how selfish i was before i had kids. before our daughters were born, i was never the maternal type. i actually wasn't sure if i ever even wanted children. but, once i found out i was pregnant, my mindset completely changed, i immediately felt the need to have a big family.

and just a few of roni's mama must-haves

a pair of wear-everywhere distressed denim skinnies ("a mama's ass can always use the help of a good pair of jeans! and don't pinch the pennies when concerning the look of your ass!") | the perfectly worn-in v-neck tee in neutral colors ("stock up!") | an instant stress diffuser in the form of a luxurious candle | raw and organic coconut oil ("i use it for everything from diaper rashes to an oral agent to ward off pesky colds.") | elderberry syrup ("i give it to my kids to help boost their immune systems and prevent the flu. so far, no one in my house has gotten sick this year!") | red wine ("is there really anything to elaborate on? red wine is a must. sure, i have favorites but this one is a go-to and it's inexpensive.") | an easy and quick beauty pick me up (i mean, did you see the photo? girl can rock some red lipstick.)



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