poop really isn't such a big deal


unless it's happening in the tub. then it's just annoying.

pee, farts, and snot aren't that bad either.

throw-up, on the other hand, still makes me gag.

babies cry. sometimes for no reason, not because you did something wrong.

a newborn and a mama truly are a team. it takes time for you both to figure things out.

boobs really aren't all that great after they've fed a human for a year.

you can function on far less sleep than you ever thought possible.

it took ten months to put it on and it took me ten months to take it off. it doesn't matter.

newborns are easy compared to toddlers. they actually sit still.
photo courtesy of my friend, mandea.

bedtime before nine pm (for you, not babe) is totally acceptable.

it's also amazing.

never underestimate the tenacity of a stubborn toddler.

a glass of wine is necessary some days.

alright, i lied. it's necessary most days.

with that said, a hangover is ten times worse with a hungry infant to wake up to.

telling other moms that your infant was sleeping through the night at six weeks old isn't the best way to make friends.

who has the time for make-up? or freshly shaven legs?

(i'm starting to feel quite sorry for my husband.)

a clean house, a homemade dinner, and you actually showered? consider that a successful day.

your child will possess all of your faults.

and all of your partner's.

sometimes, you just have to let your kid play in the dirt. it's okay.

a good bubble bath solves almost anything.

teething has been worse for us than child birth and lasts longer than pregnancy.

nobody tells you about your body after birth.

they shouldn't.

'baby brain' is a real thing. yes, i suffer from it.

yes, still.

the most impressive tantrums always happen in public.

a good poop face is free entertainment and never gets old. especially when they start pooping in corners.

dancing with your baby at night before bed can be the best five minutes of your entire day.

spontaneous hugs with little arms wrapped tightly around your neck are the closest thing to perfection.

you will act absolutely insane to hear your baby laugh.

it's worth it.

parenting is hard work. don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

but, again, it's all worth it.



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