a new york baby


moving to nyc. it was a big decision. moving with a newborn upped the stakes a bit, too.

so we went back and forth. a lot. our move was even postponed a few times because i pulled the new-mom card and refused to move with a fresh-out-the-oven baby. you get it, right? nyc is germy.

well, we finally took the plunge. in the middle of december and damn cold, colder than any of my bred-in-the-south-bones had ever experienced. as we were finally getting settled into our less-than-giant 800 square foot apartment, i discovered that a very big thought had never even occurred to me:

how in the hell do you raise a baby in nyc? i mean, how do you raise a child when there isn't a target in sight?

absolute panic set in. the anxiety of deciding how we wanted to raise our baby in this super-sized city? what 'type' of parent i was? to stroll or to carry? these were the big questions. these were the things that kept me up at night.

long story short, i quickly realized that how we raised our baby wasn't nearly as important as what she would be learning from this newly adopted city of ours. that alone, put my worries to bed. today, when i stumbled upon this book in the toy store at grand central, i had to snatch it up. it'll be a great bedtime story for marlo and a perfect reminder for me about what a privilege it is for her to grow up here. there are things that this city will be able to offer and teach her that i never could.

*and for the record, amazon prime is far superior to any target, the type of parent i want to be is a good one, and we stroll and carry.



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