a few things i learned during a weekend sans marlo


1. this was my first weekend spent without marlo and i think i underestimated my co-dependence. joe has done it before because of work and a few bachelor parties so he was mentally prepared. i, however, was not. i may have cried no less than three times. and yes, i know it's important to reconnect and be husband and wife again without the worries of your baby, but again, i'm codependent. plus, she's the cutest thing ever... who would ever want to leave her? i won't be doing that again anytime soon.

2. my man looks really damn good in a suit. and yes, i'm aware that i'm biased. but. just take a little lookie for yourself. is there really anything better than a dark and handsome man in a suit? (he's taller than he appears in the photo, but, he's not tall tall. sorry, babe.) he may or may not have showed up the groom... i'm just saying.
exhibit a
3. i guess i clean up pretty well, too. (please refer back to exhibit a.) who knew? it's amazing what a good pair of heels, a little black dress, and some red lipstick- and an absence of chuck taylors and denim cut-offs- can do for a lady.

4. i use the term lady very lightly because my behavior that evening was anything but. let's just say that while an ungodly amount of champagne and copious quantities of white wine may sound like a good idea because you're pretending to film mom's gone wild, it. is. not. a. good. idea. at around 12:30 i left the bar and marched back to the hotel. without telling anyone. not my smartest move.

5. hangovers hurt a lot more when you're not twenty-one. i'm usually too busy being mommy to even have the energy to take down the amount of alcohol required to feel what i felt sunday morning, but lucky for me, it's like riding a bike: you never forget the mechanics. i believe that it also involves an impressive use of selective memory because i remember having a lot of fun when i was twenty-one, but i don't remember feeling like i was dying the next day. i also don't remember hating myself so intensely.

and to think that i have a bachelorette party this weekend in the city for my best friend. i've already been giving my liver pep-talks and promised it a good cleanse come next monday. it doubts me, i'm sure. come on lucy (that's my liver), we can do this!


jazzchaplain said...

"date night" is one key to finishing strong in the ultimate challenge of life: marriage.

to know one person better than anyone else on the earth will not only make you a better person, it makes the earth a better place.

keep it up. proud of you both. we'll be in LA with a new addition. hope to see you there. peace, Al


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