five things


after humanity took a tumble into the cesspool of shittiness this week- you know, the bombings and texas explosions and such- i thought that i'd try to keep my focus on the things making me happy. so that's what i did. and now i'm going to share those things with you. (how's that for an intro?)
1. rickshaw. the credit of finding this little gem goes straight to my husband, and, for that i will forever be indebted to him. i mean, it serves nothing but dumplings. and nothing about that last sentence sucks. dumplings are like the chubby babies of the food world and you know everybody loves a chubby baby.
2. the faces that this kid makes on a daily basis keep me endlessly entertained. i think that she might be attempting to make up for that period of time when she wasn't exactly the easiest baby. and it's working. with her little gapped teeth, elvis lips, and scrunchy face, she's my constant pick-me-up. i just can't get enough of her and her sassiness. 
3. this book. it was an impulse purchase on amazon and, because of it, i've come to understand quite thoroughly why american women are obsessed with their french counterparts. those broads really know how to throw on an outfit. and women who don't wash their hair are my kind of women. perfect, clean hair? be damned. full face of make-up? ain't nobody got time for that.
4. while joe was in tokyo last week, i basically re-decorated our entire apartment. luckily, i married someone who could give a rat's ass about decorating. if it was up to him, we'd live in an ikea showroom; however, we're technically grown-ups now so it was time to step up our game a bit. this little dining room (i.e., nook) is probably my favorite part. and, yes, i'm aware that i'm late to the whole gallery wall game but whatever. i love it. 
5. this. marlo is all about a good hug right now. and according to her, there is never a bad time for a good hug: when she's eating and covered in blueberries in her high chair, when she's in the bath tub covered in bubbles, and when i'm trying to cook. the girl just loves giving mama a hug. her current preferred mode of hug-giving is to crouch down a la sumo wrestler about five feet away from wherever i'm standing, stare up at me to make sure i'm ready, giggle and grin really big, and then shoot up, run drunkenly over, slam into my legs and hold on for dear life. it's possibly the sweetest and cutest thing ever. i will never get tired of those hugs. ever. 

on another note, it's my best friends bachelorette party this weekend and it's here in the city! i am two-thirds completely stoked and one-third absolutely terrified for the debauchery that is going to occur. apparently mom's gone wild is making a tour and it's visiting nyc this weekend for your viewing pleasure. nyc and the general public that will be witness to our shenanigans, watch out and i do apologize. 

and friends, wish me luck. 



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