the interesting girls


"i prefer neurotic people. 
i like to hear the rumblings 
beneath the surface."
-stephen sondheim

i was having a conversation with my friend april about how seemingly 'crazy' we tend to feel on a daily basis. we over-think everything, we tend to feel too intensely, and worry about far too many what-if's. it's seems to be in our dna and even strong prescription drugs can't fix us. luckily, we came to the conclusion that while we are constantly striving to be a work in progress, we actually like being the way that we are because what's the alternative? to be indifferent? to not care or to be dispassionate? yeah, no thanks.

through this light bulb of a conversation, i realized that i tend to be drawn towards other women who are a little neurotic, a little crazy, and a whole lot of fun. i gather that this is most likely because they're the ones whom i'm actually able to identify with. who could possibly identify with the girl who is always perfectly manicured and has this seemingly put-together and chaos-free life when i'm the girl who cries to showcase every emotion, always spills something on herself when wearing white or silk, and who seemingly always has something to be upset over. i'm just that girl. that's my life and i've come to terms with it. my neuroticism inspires me on the days that it doesn't drive me fucking nuts but i'm absolutely okay with either day that today ends up being.

but here's what i've discovered: those neurotic, sometimes bossy girls? they're also the really interesting girls. i've realized that all of my closest friends are very interesting and intriguing. they have these amazing stories to tell about their lives and huge emotional and occasionally heartbreaking obstacles that they've all overcome or are currently overcoming and i find myself extremely proud to call them my friends. they inspire me more than anyone else ever has. they are always there to build me up when i'm down and most importantly, they don't fault me for being down because they realize that we are actually the normal ones. i'm not a bother to them because i don't have it all together. they respect me for the same reasons that i respect and love them.

so, here's to my incredible and interesting friends. i love you and thank you for being your crazy, bossy, neurotic selves.
and obviously, amy poehler agrees with me.


Courtneys Fashion Climax said...

I love this post! I am not the positive prude always talking about positive vibes and perfect endings. I am a realist, I live with passion and purpose and I have perfected being a Bitch. These awesome flaws have built my character and made me the awesome woman that I am.
How much we have grown since high school....I love the blog and best wishes to you and your beautiful family.


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