one day...


one day, my sweet girl, i hope that you will look back at what our country is going through and be saddened and astonished. one day, i hope that it will be difficult for you to fathom that, as a country, we denied thousands (millions, even) of our own american citizens the ability to marry each other. one day, marlo, i hope that you will believe in your bones that everyone- of every religion, every sexual orientation and gender, of every age, and every race- is equal under the law. i hope that you will not know the blatant discrimination that we know today.

i don't wish many things for you because i truly want your wishes to be your own and for you to be your own person without my desires leading you astray from who you are supposed to become. but today, i can't help but hope that you will believe- as your father and i do and will continue to instill in you- that everyone's love is equal, that everyone is deserving of love and grace, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to legally declare that love for another, just like i declared my love for your father.

one day, i hope that equality is normal for you and your friends and your future family.

one day, marlo.

and hopefully one day very soon.



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