from the girl who could justify anything...


you want to know how i knew that today was going to be a good day? well, i'm going to tell you.

first, marlo slept in until almost seven thirty. you guys, seven thirty! if you are a mom, you know what a luxury that is. i'll take it.

secondly, this morning i randomly decided to add raw fennel and an entire head of romaine lettuce into my green juice. and you know what? it didn't suck. it was actually quite delicious. and there is nothing more frustrating than making a disgusting and gag-inducing juice and forcing yourself to drink it anyway based solely on the principle that you refuse to waste food.

thirdly, on a whim i decided to look at a website that carries this particular pair of jeans that i've been drooling over and 'needing' for months. and what do you know? today, and today only, they just so happened to be almost FIFTY PERCENT off. in the famous words of cher horowitz, "it's in the bag."

fourth(ly?), these shoes. yes, they might be somewhat impractical for running after a toddler in the city, but nonetheless, they are most necessary for the occasional night that i want to look like i haven't been running after a toddler all day. after being unavailable in my size for months, today, i serendipitously decided to check the free people website, and some high-heeled god must really be a fan of me because they are now available. in my size. and now on their way to me.

and lastly, when i excitedly text my husband to tell him about how wonderfully my morning had gone- and even included the fact that i made a couple of purchases- he didn't get mad or huff and puff about how my definition of need is in desperate need of a redirection. instead, he told me that i was funny. wait, what? this probably isn't evidence that it's going to be a good day as much as it might be indicative that my husband has finally learned to choose his battles wisely and, that sometimes, a happy wife is truly a happy life. or it's also possible that he wants to see me in said shoes and jeans and prays that the next morning, marlo also decides to sleep in. bow chicka bow wow.

happy monday, folks.



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