people who deserve to be bitch-slapped...


earlier today i read that one of those girls from 16 & Pregnant waxed her three year old daughter's eyebrows. she even took to her own blog to brag about it. true story. (don't even get me started on the spelling and grammar errors in said blog. yes, i tried to read it. i stopped after she referred to herself as a good mom.) i quickly came to the conclusion that this broad needs to be bitch-slapped. hard.

naturally, this got me thinking about other people that need to be bitch-slapped. 

here goes...

1. mark wahlberg. for just being that hot. 

2. any girl who spends an offensive amount of time taking duck-face photos in the bathroom just to document their #ootd. newsflash: nobody cares. at least crop your kissy face out of it if you've really got something worthy of sharing.  actually, just don't. 

3. congress. i think that goes without saying. if it doesn't, you should watch the news. 

4. marlo's teeth. they're sadistic little fuckers. 

5. the bachelor. it's like when i was a kid and found out that professional wrestling wasn't real- it's heartbreaking, I get it. but, please people, stop watching this shit. it's condemning our culture to hell.



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