Marlo, Plumbers Butt, & Other Significant Matters


What is it about a baby's bum bum that gets us all into a fit of mushy and unreasonably high-pitched sounds? Babies are the only ones that can (and should even attempt to) pull off the Plumber's Butt look. Don't you just want to pinch those sweet cheeks? I pinch 'em on the regular.

Joe was out of town for an entire week and is now finally back home. Hallelujah!! How do you single mamas do it? Holy hell it's hard. Plus, I kinda missed him and he's quite fun to look at.

Marlo decided that she would take full advantage of her lonesome mama and determined that it'd be a great idea to start teething and have a sweet little growth spurt. At the same time.

So thoughtful, that one.

Anyway, happy Thursday folks.


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Unknown said...

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