A Very Big Weekend


This weekend was momentous.

On Friday, I patiently watched Marlo for almost an hour try to roll over from her back to her stomach. I would pick her up (my mommy-brain thinking that we'd try again later) but she would just scream at me. So I put her back down on the bed and, eventually, her persistence paid off. She rolled. I did a happy dance and applauded my three month old like she had just cured cancer.


We were in the middle of Sunday's mundane and normal things: Joe was folding laundry and I was holding the babe and watching Joe fold the laundry. (He does laundry, I watch. That's normal in case you were wondering.) Then, all of a sudden, Marlo looked up at her papa, and laughed the heartiest, sweetest sounds I've ever heard.

I cried.

And I don't mean metaphorically, like, my heart swelled with tears. I mean that I actually cried.

And she just kept laughing. And I kept crying. Apparently something about laundry is hysterical.

As hard and long as the days have been lately- holy teething and reflux, batman- hearing Marlo laugh made me fall in love with her all over again and made me remember why I love being her mother.

Things are getting really fun.



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