To Get Through...


This week has been hard. Probably the hardest of my pregnancy thus far. The fact that this particular week came directly after such an amazing weekend (you know, the one where I married my love) might just be the most ironic thing that has happened to this pregnancy. Marlo already knows how to keep me in check.

Nothing particularly bad has happened, it's just a culmination of emotions, hormones, being painfully uncomfortable (can't breathe, sleep, eat, or move without feeling all herky jerky- that's a technical term, by the way), and anxiousness over meeting my baby. There have been some tears, a few bouts of laying on the floor just to regain my composure and lock it up, quite a few "seriously, I'm going to lose it" moments, and a lot of cursing. Luckily, I've got really good people. Like, really, really good people who make it easy to remember what is important and snap me out of my funk.

Some of the things that have gotten me through this week?
Dinner with one of the funniest people I know who also lets me bitch unapologetically. Thanks, A.
My sweet husband. Him whispering to me at the end of a long day that I'm doing a great job reminds me what really matters- these two people, our family. If they're good, I'm good.
Food. That's all I need to say about that.
Adele singing live and The Black Keys. Currently baby girl's favorite music to dance to.
A co-worker sending me a video of her two year old nephew saying 'check yourself bitch.' Funniest thing I've seen in a while. Thanks, M.
KONY2012. That'll put impending parenthood into perspective. And make you cry for an hour after watching.
Marlo Mac's mint green skinny jeans arriving. They are this small and beyond adorable. I think a little Mommy and Me matching is in order. Never say never, apparently.

Seven weeks, people.




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