Sorry, I've been gone for a while. Combine being almost 35 weeks pregnant with literally one thousand things that need to get done before I can relax and prop my feet up and showers every weekend... well, exhausted just isn't the word. Also, every day is just a little more painful than the last. I'm truly such a joy to be around.

The good news is that the nursery is painted, we have everything we need (I think), and if she decides to grace us early with her presence, I'm not completely freaked out. Although, between you and me, I'm going to need her to gain a few more pounds. Turkey-legged babies only are allowed in this house.

The other good news is that we got a Kitchen-Aid Mixer. Praise the food gods! I have wanted one for so long- I'm not kidding when I say that it's been on my Christmas list for three years running- and thanks to my sweet mom and her husband, we have one. I'm old school and actually like to mix everything by hand but no more whipping carpal tunnel for me! Oh, it's the little things.

So this weekend, after we arrange the nursery and hang pictures for M, I'm going to mix, whip, and bake to my hearts' content. Plus, I'm kind of craving all of these things so Marlo is truly the biggest benefactor in this scenario.

These are on my baking to-do list. I doubt Joe will object...
Jack Johnson and I will be whipping up these whole wheat banana pancakes. Isn't he sweet?

A little blueberry yogurt loaf never hurt anyones' snacking dreams, right?

Guinness Stout brownies. Oh and they're butter, eggs, and oil free. Word. Up. 

I won't be baking this. It just looked really good and I need to learn how to properly poach an egg. I feel like an elementary cook with that statement, however, I typically like my eggs fried so this is new territory. 
I'm thinking my co-workers are going to love/hate me come Monday because they'll be enjoying the leftovers. Happy Baking.

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