Amendment 1


Well... I have learned the hard way to keep my political beliefs to myself. However, there is something that I can't keep my mouth shut on. I'll keep it brief. If you're socially conservative, you should go ahead and stop reading. I warned you.

Although my beliefs are strong, I find fault with both parties and believing that the idea that one political party is the end-all, be-all, fix-all for our country is ludicrous. Some issues are more important to me than others and that's just the way it is. Call me ignorant, that's okay. One of my biggest and most passionate beliefs is that people of all ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, genders, and religions should have the same rights. I don't need a political party to make that clear to me because it just makes sense in my head. I was always taught that I am no better than the next guy so having a government that creates a law that institutes that I am better than the next guy and should therefore have more rights really pisses me off.

With that being said, I got married almost three weeks ago to a man that I love very much, a man that I've loved for almost six years. And I feel guilty. I feel guilty because I have a right that others don't. What about my love for Joe is better than the love that a gay man feels for another gay male or a lesbian woman feels for another lesbian woman? Absolutely nothing. We fight and bicker just the same, we love just the same, we kiss and make up just the same. We are a family, just the same. Yet, I get to call Joe my husband and that person can't. And that just ain't fair. It has never sat well with me. And now, as a parent, it will never sit well with me because what if Marlo is gay? Mama Bear will have nothing on me if someone makes my child feel less than her worth because of who she loves...

On May 8th, 2012, we'll be voting on Amendment One. If you haven't read about it or unaware of the facts, you can learn more here. Whether you agree or disagree with this amendment, I urge you to vote.

That's all. Thanks for reading along.


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