This morning, I'm...

Wishing that it weren't just Monday morning.
Regretting taking that nap yesterday because I slept for shit last night.
Realizing just how close and yet how far away M's birth day could be.
Feeling some anxiety over turning twenty-five but I can't put into words just why exactly.
Missing Joe. He left for Arizona for a work trip about an hour ago.
Hoping that my noggin will stop growing new hair because my coif looks a hot ass mess.
Wondering if Thursday is going to work out. Oh yeah, we may get married on my birthday. Hey there, Missus...
Thinking about Joe being my husband and getting all tingly and mushy inside.
Curious if the old wives tail about heartburn and baby having a head full of hair is true.
Procrastinating on more things than I can count- starting with getting new tires for my car. Tomorrow!
Enjoying my morning with coffee and a homemade super-food smoothie. Both are delicious.
Ecstatic about a three-day work week and a subsequent four-day weekend.
Trying to figure out exactly how an eight months pregnant lady is supposed to physically bowl.
Looking forward to a birthday lunch date on Friday with someone that I miss a lot everyday.
Contemplating ordering myself a(nother) little birthday present on ShopBop that I don't need. I deserve it!

Happy Birthday week to me!


Aubrey Jordan of How Sweet Treats said...

If things do work out on Thursday make sure you'd be at the actual courthouse and not redirected to the juvenile detention center...although that makes for a great story, too!


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