Growing Accustomed..


This is my belly at almost 29 weeks pregnant. On it lies the take-out miso soup that I was craving for dinner. As you can see, I've made the most out of newfound pregnancy perks.

Belly? It's getting kind of huge, don't you think? It got called a watermelon for the first time tonight which it appreciated very much. Its' owner on the other hand was taken aback that a man- a stranger, no less- would have the balls to comment on the size of anything on a pregnant woman. Kudos, my man. Now, to the man last week at dinner who I didn't know that went in for the belly rub... yeah, you don't get kudos. You get a "back the f up." Belly is off limits to strangers.

Belly is also quickly becoming my favorite thing in the world. That probably has something to do with the fact that my genetic offspring is snuggling all cute and cuddly inside of it but, I dunno; it could also have something to do with not having to suck in for nine months and being really thankful for that. Marlo treats it like she doesn't particularly care for it- I think she'd prefer an SUV-sized rib cage instead of my Mini Cooper-sized torso. You'd think that she'd be more appreciative of her host but, lately, she's just beating the hell out of me. She's fierce, that one. Joe thinks it's hilarious. He's already owned.

My cute little inny belly button is attempting to become Mt Olympus in it's spare time. It's almost succeeded and I couldn't be more proud. My love handles are getting lovelier. And just when I think that my skin can stretch no more, my belly laughs a hearty laugh and calls my bluff. It's. Got. This. It's all a really glorious time in the body department. Thanks, child.

I've also had my fifth dream of giving birth to a farm animal. I have no idea what that one's about. I'll be happy to have my old brain back. Pregnancy brain is way too complicated and hormonal and just plain weird. Plus, it forgets a lot, a lot of the time. Today it forgot to put on shoes before walking out of the house. Luckily, no one saw that finer moment.

Eleven more weeks (give or take) and I get to meet our girl. That right there is pretty freaking exciting.


Nikki Johnson said...

EEE! You're so close! The end is the hardest part for two reasons: 1) you are the most uncomfortable you'll probably ever be in your life and 2) you can't freakin' stand to wait another minute to meet that precious baby!
So excited for you!


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