The Best Day. Ever.


Friday, December 2, 2011, is a day that I will never forget. I saw our little girl; the little girl that I've dreamed about and was so sure was meant to be ours. Our sweet little Marlo.

She was there, ready to make her photographic debut. As Joe held my hand and my mom huddled beside us, we saw her ten already chubby fingers, her already adorable ten baby toes, and we watched her smile. That smile? It already has us wrapped. We watched her suck her thumb and hold the side of her face for comfort. We heard her fluttering heartbeat. She was healthy and perfect. And just for good measure- and in the spirit of showing off for the camera, I'm sure- she threw up a peace sign, as if to say, "You were right, Mama. I'm really yours."

As we came home- on a high that can only be attained from feeling true happiness and joy- we watched the ultra-sound DVD together on repeat. I couldn't get enough of seeing our girl. Our girl, Marlo. After the third or fourth loop, Joe asked me if I thought that the day could be anymore perfect. No. I was pretty sure that this has to be as good as it gets. As good as life gets, even.

This is probably the only time that I'll ever excitedly admit that I was wrong.

Because it got better.

Joe asked me to marry him. The proposal was simple and perfect and the day was everything that I've ever wanted with the person that I've always wanted. He's our guy and we're his girls.

Joe, I don't know what I did to deserve this level of happiness. Our story is unique, real, and at times twisted with irony, but it's a story that I'm so proud to share. I'm proud to call you mine, to call you ours, and I'm even more proud to call us a family. You're my guy and I'll never get tired of seeing your crooked smile or hearing your deep laugh.

Here's to the day that I'll never forget.

Here's to the three of us.


Nikki Johnson said...

This made me cry. Life is so sweet and it will only get better. :)

Katie Sutherland said...

Congratulations!!!!! I'm SO happy for you two. What an amazing time in your lives - your baby girl is so lucky to have you both.

erin said...

seriously happy for you, your love story is so sweet!


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