Right 'Round the Corner...


One highlight of the weekend? My friend sent me this picture and said she was getting this for Baby F. I really hope she wasn't kidding because it had J and I in a fit of laughter for a solid seven minutes. It's inappropriate and awesome. Just like us. Via
This weekend was rough- I won't even begin to sugar coat it. I felt like I was back in my first trimester. I made a great faux-Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us to celebrate being just the two of us for just a little while longer. Threw it up. Made a great Sunday brunch of baked eggs and tater-tots. Threw it up. At Target. Ate an entire box of mac and cheese for dinner. Seriously wanted to throw it up. Not to mention this mother f'ing headache is really starting to get on my nerves. It makes me grumpy and ornery and curse a lot (more than normal, anyway) and just not real pleasant to be around. Ask Joe. He will tell you.

But luckily, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Yippee-ki-ya-mother-f**ker! Seeeeee? Oh, the cursing. I've got five-plus months to work on that.

Anyway, this year, I've got so much to be thankful for. A little nugget. Amazingly supportive family and friends. Especially my mom, gaaahhhh I love her. A seriously hot, yummy partner/baby daddy, who I actually like very much and who keeps me laughing, even when it's at him. The fact that my 95 year old great-grandmother is NOT making the stuffing. I get to wear spandex at Thanksgiving dinner and have an excuse other than the probability of gorging myself. A three day work week. A great uncle who insists on bringing over doughnuts for breakfast every morning in Tennessee because, let's face it, a pregnant lady and doughnuts go very well together.

Happy Monday all! And if anyone else finds inappropriately appropriate clothing for my child to wear, by all means, please send it my way!!


Fontaine said...

i live for your blogs. live for them. made my morning. couldn't be happier for you.... really.


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