Just The Two of Us...


A pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal to celebrate our 
last Thanksgiving as just Joe & me.

Besides being more excited than I've ever been for a day solely devoted to eating,  I realize that this is the last Thanksgiving that Joe and I will be thankful for our little life as we know it. Next year, we'll be thankful for the chunky, happy six month old being passed around the table just like the cranberry sauce. This Christmas, as we're watching my little brother and our nephews open their gifts from Santa, we'll be reminded that next year, Baby F will be rolling on the floor right beside his or her cousins and uncle, trying to eat the wrapping paper from the boxes that they're unwrapping. This New Year's Eve is the last year that I'll be kissing Joe at midnight. Next New Years' Eve, I'll be kissing the father of my child and my precious little baby as it sleeps through the fireworks and noise makers. 

I'm being reminded to relish in these last months of being just the two of us. It's becoming painfully obvious that our days as a twosome are numbered and that our days of being carefree are limited.

As anxious and excited as we are to meet our little person, I think we'd both like to slow these days down just a bit to enjoy being just two a little while longer.

Here's to being almost half-way...



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