Thanks, Single Ladies


I'm sure my awe for single mothers will skyrocket once little beebee actually arrives, because I'm well prepared for realizing that motherhood is harder than the books tell you. It's not always pretty, and sometimes it gets in the way of feeling like a normal, functioning human being. It's awesome, yes. But it has its' obvious and not so obvious challenges.

But I'm one of the lucky. I have someone beside me, helping me deal with all of my conflicting emotions, wiping my irrational tears and fears away, reassuring me that I'm going to be a great mama and that our baby is as lucky as we are. When baby arrives, he'll be the one making sure I actually shower on a semi-daily basis, have eaten something other than potato chips, and I haven't broken the baby. In other words, he'll ensure that I'm still being ME when I'm being MAMA. Bless him. Fatherhood already looks very good on my (very) handsome man.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm giving my thanks to single mothers. My mom was a single mom. Joe's sister is a single mom. And while I always had respect for them (and every single mother out there), my admiration has grown exponentially. Because I just don't know if or how I could do this alone. And this is the easy part.

Mom, Shik, I want you both to know that not only do I love you both, but I know that if I can turn out to be just half the mother that both of you are, I'll feel like a success.

You're both my constant inspiration. And these words on this silly little blog could never explain how thankful I truly am for what you do and what you've done.



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