Some People and the Other People


Oh well, it happens.  
Some people are idiots and some people are cowards. Some people have no clue what they're doing or where they're going, nor do they care do. Some people have no idea what they want until they don't have it. Some people are hindered by a past that in the whole scheme of things, doesn't really matter. Some people are afraid to fight for something while other people are even more afraid to stop fighting for nothing and let go. Some people are ignorant and other people are oblivious.

Some people are hurtful while other people enjoy the pain of hurting because it means that they can feel. Some people love to love. Other people love to hate. Some people love too easily while other people don't love enough. Some people put themselves out there and don't care about consequences while other people refuse to put themselves out there because they're terrified of the consequences. Some people are their own worst enemies. Other people are the enemy.

Some people enjoy playing the games while other people want to be the referee or the audience. Some people live to be the rule makers and other people die being the rule breakers. Some people will always win while other people are destined to lose. Some people skim the shallow end of the pool while other people dive in head first. Some people are light beer drinkers while other people take their beer like they see their life- heavy and full of flavor.

We're all guilty of being the some and the other. Myself included.



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