Personal Project


You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.
Thank you, LM.

Ever get the feeling that you need to do something that is a little (or a lot) out of your comfort zone? Well, I feel just like that at this very moment. It's a suffocating, claustrophobic, all-consuming feeling that I just can't quite seem to shake. After spending some quality time with some ladies who always seem to put things into perspective for me (and a very lucky fellow), the feeling seems even more vengeful. It. Just. Won't. Quit.

So my upcoming personal project is to figure out how to shake that thing, how to get out of the rut that I feel that I'm in. Some of the premises of my project are to quit some bad habits that I have postponed quitting numerous times and filling them with good ones, to quit making excuses for other people and especially for myself, and most importantly to start going with my gut because it- unlike a few other body parts, hello, head and heart- has never led me astray.

This seems like a project with a pretty easily successful outcome, right? Maybe I should add being more positive to the guidelines, too.

Right. About that....



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