It's a Cupcake for Breakfast Kind of Day


"There are two sides to every question: 
my side and the wrong one."-Oscar Levant

Annoyance. Frustration. Aggravation. Agitation. These things are just par for the course for my life. For better or worse, I don't own the gift of oblivion and there is no blissful ignorance to speak of. To say that I have pet peeves would be putting it mildly. But there are a few things that annoy me most efficiently. If you want to not only push my buttons but sabotage any type of relationship with me (including friendship), here is the quickest way from here to there:

1) Tell me how I feel or don't feel, should or shouldn't feel about any given situation;
2) Assume and tell me that you know what is or isn't best for me;
3) Inform me that you're going make things 'easier' for me when I didn't ask for anything to be made easier.
4) Be so full of yourself to think that I actually need you to do any of the above.

I'm still on Nugget duty. I'm tired. And cranky. Although, I'm sure that much was obvious. Cupcake for breakfast, anyone?



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