No Nuggets were harmed in the making of this picture.
We were in the carpool lane at a complete stop and he was waving
hello to another nugget who was trying to catch a bird. 

When you see a face like this in the morning- even before you've had your coffee- you can't help but beam. Even through one hell of a week for me and my family, Nugget is obviously still smiling which makes me feel at ease and feel like everything is right in the world. He's become a master of knowing what matters and he's been a constant reminder of it all week. He's taught me that it's necessary to laugh at the highs and the lows. Nugget (and Fancy Pants) have reminded me to stay feisty and fight back because it keeps me strong and laughing at those lows. This smile reminds me that some things just simply aren't worth it and other things most definitely are. He's shown me that crying is okay as long as someone you love can give you a hug and help stop the tears. When he asked me yesterday if I needed a cupcake, he reminded me that we do what we have to do to get through the day, even if that just simply means devouring a 400-calorie cupcake. 

Nuggets' smile is so genuine that it reminds me that we should always do what makes us happy. We should always take the path that will make us happiest and not be afraid of what can happen along that path. We should all be wearing smiles this big for no reason at all.

Thinking of the Mann Family today. I love you all. 



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