It's Just Not My Day


Holy hell. Today is just one of those days where I want to crawl back into my plush and warm bed and not face anything or anyone. Days like these rarely happen for me and I can usually handle anything that is thrown at me. But JEEZ.

Things that are making today royally suck:

Being as awake as one can be for no reason at 6am on a day that I can actually sleep in, burning my tongue on my first sip of coffee (good freakin' morning), the closet installation people coming at the very end of their 12-2pm window (typical, I guess), listing items to sell on Craigslist and being bombarded with spam/scam emails in my inbox, a monster-I-must-be-going-through-puberty-again zit on my face the day before a wedding where pictures are bound to be taken (not my wedding, obviously), stubbing my toe while making up the bed (which I rarely do and I take this as fate agreeing with me that making the bed is truly pointless), craving a food that I can't quite put my finger on what it is (my craving will most likely turn out to be a food that I'm depriving myself of, like sugar or meat), having a headache for the 37th day in a row (damn pollen/mold/dust/dogs/cats/everything else that I'm allergic to), being peeved at someone and having to force myself to not text/call them (which is next to impossible for me because I must always have the last word and that just peeves me even more), and finally having to work at nine tonight slinging drinks for obnoxiously drunk people and I can guarantee that I won't be in bed before four am.

I will note that this has all happened before 2 pm. I guess the universe is really playing up April Fools Day. Yay me.


erin said...

bless! I hope your day gets better, remember its Friday.

Christine said...

It did get better, thank goodness. But goodness the first half of the day was torture. Hope you had a good weekend!


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