I'm obsessed...


With my best friends' dog. Ladies and gentleman, this handsome fellow is Sir Winston Chelette-Starnes. I'm his Aunt Cici. Literally, that's what his parents call me since he's their child, obviously. Secretly, I think he knows that I am his aunt and that we have a special connection because of this canine realization. So please, take a minute to observe him in all of his five-month-old, 95 lb, beastly glory.
Just like a baby to females, he is a man magnet. I will be borrowing him, for sure.
He's not trying to get away, I swear.
Word to the wise: don't try to wrestle a dog that weighs not
much less than you do to the ground. You will lose. 
Gimme that beer, Momma.

So yeah, I'm an obsessive aunt. But, if a face like his doesn't brighten your day, what the hell would? And not to get all Marley & Me, but I swear dogs are the only ones who have the power to put things into perspective for you. They are always so excited to see you. They have no idea what work means and how their food ends up in their bowls. They only know unconditional love, belly scratches, sloppy kisses, naps in the sun, protectiveness, and instincts. No wonder they make us so happy... 
True Love. Look at that really classy and unexposed posture.



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