{ Wino in clogs }


I don't know which is more important (to each their own) so I'm going to do this in no particular order. First up, the wine for the winos. I'm usually a white-wine-in-the-summer-kind-of-girl but this full-bodied, berrylicious Zinfandel is crazy good. It's officially my new favorite. Annndddddd it only cost $5.99. Yes, five dollars and ninety-nine cents. Team thrifty- 1. Wine snobs- 0.

The second most important part of my day is that clog to the right. Ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in a pair of Chanel clogs on her teeny, petite SATC feet, I thought they were major. These are not the Chanel pair (obviously, however, I'd DIE if they were) but they are pretty awesome. I've been prancing around in them all afternoon- ya' know doing laundry, scrubbing the bathroom floor, all while wearing heels. The usual, typical Monday. Who doesn't wear heels while cleaning toilets, really?

Keep the glamour in the un-glamourous... always.


Heather said...

those clogs are magic ... where's the wine from and please don't say trader joe's b/c there isn't one out here - booooo

Christine said...

It is sadly, but I can send you some. I live right on top of Trader Joe's so I'm quite familiar with their wine selection. Well, that and I'm a wino. Ha.


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