Happy People


Don't worry, this is not a political rant (primarily because I've become so cynical about politics, I wouldn't even know where to begin), but I saw this picture, and it just made me smile. I've had this picture from around the time of the campaign and just found it when I was going through old computer files- I think it's from either a Vanity Fair profile or a Rolling Stones cover???

Maybe I voted for the guy because of his awesome campaign and positive slogan; maybe it's due to the fact that he wasn't a 70-year-old man who could care less about the rights of a random 23-year-old female; maybe I voted for him because I wanted more opportunities to see MObama in sleeveless shirts; maybe I just voted for him because I saw this picture and he looked simply happy.

Happiness is a terribly underrated virtue and maybe I'm dumbing his job responsibilities and reasoning behind decisions down (ummm, understatement, I'm aware) but I just think that happy people make better decisions.  Happy people make me happy. Happy people are better parents and friends. Happy people want to make other people happy. He's probably not as happy at the moment, oh with the growing job loss, a European economic explosion, the gulf oil disaster and two war's going on, all of which are on his shoulders. Now that I think of it, come on CIC, buck up, why don'tcha? Don't be such a debbie downer.

I just like this picture. A lot. It reminds me of more hopeful times, times where I felt as though I mattered and helped make some sort of difference (even a minute one) and it makes me smile.

Here's to smiles, and shiny, happy people.



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