Vintage is the new black


I like to shop. But, you already knew that. Now, however, I'm trying to shop vintage (lots less crappily-made-by-poorly-treated-sweatshop-workers for me!) and for three reasons:

1) it's A LOT cheaper; 

2) it's environmentally friendly, it's recycling in it's most fashionable form; and 

3) vintage clothing just seems to be more fabulous than brand new stuff because it's got a story. 

And just go ahead and get over the fact that someone else has worn it. It's called a washing machine. Or the dry cleaners. You choose.

I just recently discovered Etsy- god bless the internet so I don't have to scrounge through smelly flea markets and waste my time in thrift stores. My favorite shop on Etsy is 26Vintage. Heather- who come to find out knows a lot of the same people that I do, yet we've never been able to hang out- owns this shop and has fantastic taste. I've bought two things from her recently and stalk her shop like it's my job since the merchandise is updated daily.

I sense that I may soon become her best customer!


Heather said...

you ARE my best customer my dear!

Heather said...
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Mich said...

Little, FYI we are soul mates..I <3 Etsy and just found a vintage Coach purse in Ashville ..the whole stalking out vintage stores has been my hobby lately <3 you !


cute blog!
I opened a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


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