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We are in the midst of redecorating- thank god, this process will soon be over. One of the best things about decorating is cleaning out your junk. In most peoples' cases, cleaning out things commonly refers to closets and cabinets. In my case, it refers to boxes, shelves, and drawers of books. I have a TON of them. Hundreds. Guy and I were going through these books and trying to be cut-throat about which ones would stay visible on our new shelves in the office (well, he was being cut-throat, I was trying to justify every one with some sentimental reasoning about who gave it to me, what was going on in my life when I read it, etc.)

I think you can tell a large amount about a person by the books or novels that they read, or lack thereof. If someone were perusing my collection, they would determine that I am quite eclectic and they'd probably be astonished at the number of books that I own that revolve around porn. And not books with porn in them, but books about porn and what it's done to feminism, our country, our culture, our children, etc. My senior year of college, I had to write 40 pages on porn and its' role in feminism and I not only read twenty or so books on the subject but watched 40 or so hours of the subject. It was... interesting. Scarring. Eternally scarring.

One of Guy's only requests was that I would scale down the number of books that have porn in the title from the shelves. Why would I want to do something like that? He rattled off something about "feeling uncomfortable, people thinking that they were his books, and constantly wondering what my fascination was/is with porn...yada yada yada." So I scaled it down from 25 to 10. BIG compromise. I did leave these little gems on the shelves though, obviously for his amusement (and in hopes that he'll read them):

Here's to cohabitation!



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