In Anticipation of...


Everything about this ensemble is utterly fantastic. This will be me come fall. Crazy hair, leopard print scarf, trench, boots, and all. I can not friggin' wait for fall. I'm literally counting down. 

What's great is that I already have the majority of the pieces required for this look. I have a trench that I'm thinking of reworking into a shorter length. A pair of black leggings are a fall staple and of which, are in ample supply in my closet. I'll most likely alternate my black Frye motorcycle boots and my sky-high black leather booties since I'll probably be wearing this outfit three times a week. I'm not kidding, either. My best friend and I joke that once we find an outfit that works, we adapt it as our unofficial uniform of whatever season we happen to be in. Accessories need be kept at a minimal since the bag and scarf speak for themselves. Throw on a few gold bangles, chunky gold boyfriend watch, and gold stud earrings- it'll be major. 

(Tolani Leopard Scarf;

(J Brand Jean Leggings;

(Frye Motorcycle Boots;

(Madewell Slouch Pocket Tee;
(BDG Trench Coat; No longer Available;

Only 84 more days to go until Autumn has arrived. Whoo hoo. 


Anonymous said...

I love it! I've been looking for some funky motorcycle boots, any ideas?

Christine said...

Absolutely! My favorites are from Frye but they can be a little pricey. And surprisingly, one of the best places to go is Lebo's. Do they have those in Florida? They have a great collection of boots. You can always resort to thrifting and Ebay for an inexpensive pair. But honestly, the Frye boots are totally worth the money and will pay for themselves for how long they last.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we have Lebo's here, but Belk or Macy's may have a few options. Frye is awesome for inspiration, but I may have to find a more affordable pair :) Thanks, and Happy 4th from the Sunshine State!


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