{A little Monday Question}


It's Monday. It's a Monday after a weekend that had one of the highest highs (my mother got remarried to a fantastic man after twenty-two years of being single and no one has ever deserved their happiness more than this woman does) and a week of a somewhat low-low. So I'm hoping this Monday is a 'leveling-off-bringing-everything-back-to-normal' type of Monday.

I apologize for the heavy post last week. It had to do with the 'low-low' of my week. And not that the low-low is resolved or over with (is it ever really over with?) but I feel closer to some sort of internal resolution. It's amazing how writing things down or talking them out with certain people can make you feel so much more at ease. Nobody likes a cluster-fuck, let's be honest.

The question I am asking myself on this Monday is doing nothing, doing something? If I chose to do nothing, am I actually saying just as much if I chose to do something. I'm beginning to firmly believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to what is going to make you feel okay in the long run. You just have to do what you can live with. What can you live with, though? I have no clue. That's what I'm asking myself on this Monday. Maybe next Monday, I'll have the answer.



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