Re-decorating Club Whitesheets


We love our condo (or Club Whitesheets as I like to call it). It's fabulous and has amazing views of the city; however, we want to transform it from a condo to our cozy abode. Actually, our joint New Year resolutions was to decorate a room a month and we're a little behind. Honestly, we haven't even started. We are starting off with a really modern and contemporary pallette (think dark bamboo floors, stainless steel, and all beige walls) so warming up the place is priority numero uno. The biggest obstacle in my way? J- also known as Mr. Beige- is going to need some major convincing to add color because I absolutely refuse to let my home be vanilla. Here are some of the pictures that inspire me most.

 How amazing is this turquoise floor? I love unexpected pops of color against clean and crisp white backdrops and this kitchen proves that stainless steel and white don't always equal boring. Something tells me that J won't be keen on ripping up brand new bamboo floors, though. Drat. I'll have to settle for a wall painted blue or something. (Photo by The Estate of Things)
I love everything about this bedroom- its' neutral backdrop and colorful palatte of accessories. It's simple yet statement-making. I think I could even sell Mr. Beige on the burnt rustic orange accents. (photo by Elle Decor)

Who wouldn't be inspired to write in this office? We don't have a lot of light in our second bedroom/office so the painting that this room has of the sky? Genius! And there's my blue wall? I think I'd have to go for a set of lucite chairs though. They always add the perfect vintage feel to a room. And you can commonly find them for a bargin! (Photo by Elle Decor)
And lastly, I love, love, love coffee table books. Not only are they a stylish way to decorate shelves or a coffee table, they are better display option than my eclectic collection of  paper-back James Patterson novels, Augusten Burroughs memoirs, and shameful tabloid magazine addiction. Plus, they contain wonderous pick-me-ups when I'm feeling less than inspired. (Photo by Random House)

Here's to making a house a home....



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