Predictability {Dependability}


I believe in having a uniform- and not just of the fashion kind. Although some people believe that uniforms bring on the dreaded monotony that life commonly throws at us; I believe that having a uniform is just having a few basics that never let you down. My mother always instilled in me that predictability almost always equals dependability.

1. Leather. Whether it's my black leather bomber, my motorcycle boots, or my years old brown Rebecca Minkoff handbag, leather always makes me feel tough, even on my most sensitive of days.

2. Manicures. I don't know if it's obsessive compulsivity that makes chipped nail polish unbearable for me but I hate it. It drives me bonkers. It's a twelve-dollar splurge that I can justify any day of the week. And it's dark- almost black- nails all the way, every time.

3. Cupcakes. I don't know if my Sex & The City and Carrie Bradshaw obsession led me to this or the fact that cake and I are super close friends (cupcakes are cakes' close cousins) but I can't get enough cupcakes. I recently had a strawberry cupcake with strawberry cream cheese frosting and I died. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

4. A VERY high heel. Nothing makes me feel more confident than high heels. Probably something to do with the fact that I'm 5'4'' and feel inadequate without them. I'm already dreaming of nude heels and sandals for spring and summer. Sign me up!

5. Augusten Burroughs. No matter which book I read of his, I laugh out loud at the bizarre and borderline unbelievable antics that he experiences on a daily basis. I own all of his books and can't imagine my book collection without them. He is also what I describe as my writing soul-mate. He does no wrong in my book. As a writer, I believe that you have to envoke something in your readers; whether it's disgust or deep respect- he does just that.

6. Happy Flowers. Whether its peonies, hydrangeas, gerber daisies, and lillies. Flowers always brighten my mood. I have a particular fondness for flowers in the ivory, purple and lavender color family.

7. Sex & The City. Maybe this is immature. Maybe this necessity is a little ridiculous but I don't care. I love Carrie Bradshaw and I think any woman can watch any of the 92 (who's counting) episodes or the movie and see parts of themselves in each of the women. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, all of lifes little questions can be answered by an episode of Sex & the City. True statement.

8. Yoga. I could be sweating out the red wine from last night, a fight with my best friend, or the stress of a deadline- it never fails to relax me and remind me of what my body is capable of. It also reminds me that a good ass-kickin' sweat cures almost everything.

9. My little brother and nephews. Kids have a way of making you forget your crap and just laugh. They remind you of what is important and what can wait. Plus, these three kids in particular are unfathomably witty and fun to be around.

10. Guilty Pleasures. I won't go into a lot of detail but I'll mention a few: Tabloid magazines- this is by far my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. A few of my aforementioned necessities- I won't get into which ones. I enjoy admiring Kate Moss's bone structure while secretely wishing she'd eat a few (or 10) cupcakes. This blog most definetly because- let's be honest- blogs are narcissim at their best. Who care's what I think, really? Finally, wishing I was born in Paris (and not Florida) because the lifestyle over there is way more conducive to my life's goals: drink wine, write, wear fabulous clothes while appearing to put forth no effort at all, and eat pastry.

(Photo: Garance Dore)



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